Math Tutoring for Y1-Y6 OC,Selective,NAPLAN,Scholarship,Olympiad

Primary Specialist! Located in Norwest surrounded by Kellyville, Baulkham Hills, Castle Hills, and Bella Vista, over 10 years of teaching experience.

Thousands of resources including notes and exams from multiple high ranked schools. guaranteed results!

I am an experienced tutor who is currently offering O.C. Selective High NAPLAN Scholarship and Maths Olympiad tutoring for primary school students. I have a Master’s degree from the University of Sydney and was a Mathematics Champion in China.

One to one private individual tutoring:

Normal courses: Year 1 – Year 6 primary school curriculums.
Advanced concepts, OC, Selective High, Maths Olympiad.

The students have to be brought to my place for tutoring or an online class for distance learning.

Normally I do not come to the student’s home to tutor. I can provide distance education for the Internet Math course.

I will prepare students extensively in all forms of Mathematics materials.

I will ensure that students fully understand all the concepts in detail, stay ahead of their class, and achieve the marks they want with confidence.