HSC 课程中 Mathematics General 和 Mathematics 的区别

General Mathematics (2 unit): A basic mathematics course containing precalculus concepts, the course is heavily based on practical mathematics used in everyday life. 生活中的数学(2U)。
Mathematics (2 unit): An advanced level course based on Calculus also with detailed study in trigonometry, curve sketching and other complex algebraic disciplines such as locus. It is the highest level non-extension mathematics course. 基本数学的最高级别(2U)。
Mathematics Extension 1 (1 unit if studied concurrently with Mathematics (2 unit); 2 units if studied concurrently with Mathematics (Extension 2)): A more advanced course building on concepts in calculus, trigonometry, polynomials and basic combinatorics. Mathematics must also be studied in conjunction with this course. 高级数学(3U)。
Mathematics Extension 2 (2 unit): A highly advanced mathematics course containing an introduction to Complex Numbers, Advanced Calculus & Curve Sketching, advanced Polynomials, Mechanics, Conics and Harder Mathematics Extension 1 topics. Mathematics (2 unit) and Mathematics Extension 1 must also be studied in conjunction with this course, however students are not directly assessed on Mathematics (2 unit) material.最高级的数学(3U)。